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Staff and organisation

InTeL is staffed with experienced educators, researchers and educational developers from the four educational centres at Aarhus University: CESU, CUDIM, CUL and STLL. It is organized in two groups: a team concerning education and a team working with the development and operation of the module.

The educational team varies from module to module, but it will always consist of educational developers, educators and/or researchers from each of the four faculties of the university. Additionally, experts within their respective disciplines have produced the teaching material for the module jointly. The educational team of the module are referred to as e-moderators as their roles are not to convey the curriculum in a classic sense, but rather to guide and moderate the learning process.

The team working with the development and operation of the module is referred to as the managing editors. They are appointed by the leadership of UPnet and currently consists of:

●     Mikkel Godsk (STLL, Nat-Tech), Editor

●     Dorte Sidelmann Rossen (CUL, BSS), Editor

●     Jens Laurs Kærsgaard (CESU, HEALTH), Editor

●     Karen Louise Møller (CUDIM, ARTS), Editor

The managing editors are responsible for the academic content of the module as well as being responsible for the overall management and development of the module.