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Introduction to Teaching and Learning

Introduction to

Teaching and Learning

  • InTeL

Module description

Introduction to Teaching and Learning (InTeL) is a new basic module in university pedagogy for educators at all levels, in all disciplines and all forms of teaching. The module gives a broad introduction to teaching and learning, including key concepts and methods, which help educators improve the quality of their teaching. Those key concepts and methods include aspects such as alignment, active learning, learning outcomes, educational IT, examination and evaluation. Additionally, the module delves into topics on lectures, classroom teaching, laboratory teaching and clinical training with tips and tricks on how to improve your teaching.

The module is held twice a year (January and August).

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Identify elements in your own teaching which can be developed in order to enhance student learning
  • Apply a pedagogical principle or tool to the identified element
  • Argue briefly how the chosen principle or tool is expected to enhance student learning

When the module is complete, the student has developed a specific teaching plan that can be used in his / her own teaching.


The module is estimated to take approx. 7 hours and takes place in the course of one week. The content of the module is a mix of text, video and activities. During the week, participants must complete four different tasks and work independently as well as relate to the contributions of other participants. The module is largely based on active participation and peer feedback, which is why it is important that everyone is involved from the start of the week and has the opportunity to contribute evenly throughout the week. The deadline for the final assignment must be met for the same reason. It is possible to follow the module independently of place and time zone, if the participant makes sure to follow the flow of the module.

The module is in English and the teaching is also in mostly in English.

Upon successful completion of the module, a diploma is issued.