About the programme

Target Group

The programme is a basic training course in higher education teaching for all assistant professors and those postdocs who will be teaching while working at AU.

Assistant professors and postdocs who plan a career as associate professors at the university, will have to complete the course in order for them to obtain the diploma required for a permanent position at Danish universities (‘adjunktpædagogikum’).  


The participants must teach during the semester when they attend the programme; an important part of it is (i) to discuss the planning of their teaching on the basis of participants’ current practice and (ii) for participants to implement changes in their teaching where appropriate.
Furthermore, the participants must have a supervisor from their own department.

The modules must be completed in one semester.

Scope and preparation

The course amounts to approximately 150 hours of work / 5 ECTS.

Please note that each module requires a considerable amount of preparation.
Before module 1 you will have a workload of approximately 25-30 hours for reading literature and for completing assignments; in addition to this, there is the residential course at Sandbjerg.
Modules 2 (Educational IT) requires approximately 25 hours. The module will be carried out as blended learning at BSS, ARTS and HEALTH and as an online module at ST.
Module 3 (Re-design module) requires approximately 20 hours for preparation and participation in the course days and approximately 25 hours for your own teaching experiment.
Module 4 requires approximately 30 hours.

Requirements and diploma

To obtain a diploma for the teacher training programme (‘adjunktpædagogikum’) – the following requirements must be met:

  • Attendance on scheduled course days (minimum 80% presence in each module)
  • Preparation according to the described assignments/ tasks in Blackboard
  • Completion of ­all assignments and submission before or at the deadlines
  • Active participation in the scheduled course days and in the programme as a whole.


Module 1: Residential course at Sandbjerg Gods. 
Modules 2, 3 og 4: AU campus. 


The course is for AU employees only and is free of charge.


Each of the four faculties at AU has an equal, limited number of available places in the programme. If there are more applicants than places, each faculty will submit a prioritized list of applicants and approve the final list of participants. Applicants will receive a message via email about whether or not their application has been approved.

For further information on how to apply for a place in the programme, please go to this site.

Please note the application deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Enrolment must be agreed with your head of department.

Course language 

Please note that, in the autumn, the programme will be held in English for both English and Danish speaking participants.
All course materials will be in English: texts, course site in Blackboard, etc. Also, participants must upload assignments, etc. in English.

In the spring, the programme will be held in Danish.

The teacher training programme for assistant professors and postdocs has existed for more than 20 years and has developed during that time in terms of scope, content, and form, without the rules having kept pace with this development, resulting in a large gap between the rules and the practice in the area. To get an overview of the outdated rules and today's practices, please click here:



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