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Teacher training programme in English




AU Educational Development Network (UPNet) has for several years been in charge of the Teacher training programme in English for assistant professors and postdocs at Aarhus University.

The programme comprises altogether four modules, the first of which is a basic training course in higher education teaching for

  • all assistant professors and
  • those (and only those) postdocs who will be teaching while working at AU.

The full programme is mandatory for anyone wishing to apply for a permanent  position at a Danish university.  The aim is to contribute to the professionalization of university teaching by means of increased knowledge, more and better teaching skills, more reflection, more well documented choices and more sharing of knowledge and experience among faculty.

The programme has been organised so that it supports the teaching activities in which participants are already involved. At the end of the programme participants will develop their own teaching portfolio, which they must have in order to apply for a position as associate professor at AU.

The structure of the course

The course consists of four modules of which the first one serves as an introduction to university teaching and the additional three modules which must be completed to obtain the university teaching diploma required for permanent employment at a Danish university.

Module 1
The first module serves as an introduction to university teaching and contains learning theory; basic didactic concepts; student characteristics including Danish students today; alignment in course descriptions; teaching methods and organisation: lecturing, classroom teaching, and supervision - all leading to a teaching experiment (preparation for module 2); assessment and exams in a Danish context.
Module 1 is a residential course (3 days).
(2 ECTS) The total workload is estimated at 60 hours. Please note that a substantial part of the 60-hour workload lies before the module, and one can only participate in the residential course if one has completed the assignments beforehand as requested. The estimated preparation is approximately 30 hours for reading literature and completing assignments.
A certificate of participation will be issued to all attendees on the basis of their active engagement in the activities before and during module 1.

Modules 2-4 
Assistant professors and postdocs who plan a career as associate professors at the university, will have to complete three further modules of altogether 3 ECTS credits, that is, approximately 90 hours of work, in order for them to obtain the diploma required for permanent employment at Danish universities (‘adjunktpædagogikum’).

Module 2: 
Teaching Methods and Organisation II and the Challenges of the Multicultural Classroom in a Danish Context. In addition the module follows up on topics already introduced in module 1: Integrated course design; good practice principles in the multicultural classroom; motivation; feedback; teacher and student roles.
(1 ECTS) 20+ hours of preparation lie before the one-day face-to-face session.

Module 3: 
Educational IT  takes place as a blended learning course. Participants are introduced to the concept of blended learning and a range of teaching/ learning technologies to be used in their teaching. 
(1 ECTS) The total preparation and workload for this module is estimated at 30 hours.

Module 4: 
Teaching portfolio and 'how do we move forward'?
In module 4 participants give and receive peer feedback on their individual portfolios based on rubrics. The final discussion addresses the question of future developments and what it takes to move on from here.
(1 ECTS). 20+ hours of preparation lie before the one-day face-to-face session.

 See the figure: Course Structure

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